The “old tools” no longer provides the protection you need


My name is Brian MacFee, and my company Systems Support Corp has been around since 1989 providing IT Support and Solutions to businesses. Over the years, we have encountered just about every network security issue and malware scenario there is.

Security used to be fairly simple – having a firewall, antivirus programs, and a good backup was all you needed to be reasonably secure and protected. Most “attacks” could be resolved in short order with minimal impact to businesses. My, how times have changed! Methods of attack have evolved along with the consequences, sometimes resulting in the closing of an otherwise healthy business. Add to that the fact that so many workers are now remote, outside of the protected environment they used to be in.

Why has it changed so much?

There has been a series of events that have come together to reshape the nature and severity of attacks, making it very easy to be a hacker, not to mention the insane profitability and about zero risk of getting caught.

Anybody can now be a hacker.

It used to require programming and network skills to “hack” into a computer or network. Like most businesses, hacking has evolved such that anyone can download a hacking system – one popular one is called Kali. These systems are configured to trick the user into clicking on something – a Word Resume with a macro, for example, or a phony invoice, etc. When clicked, these systems put software on your computer that can then be used to exploit your computer or files, like ransomware for example.

Hackers can then do the hack themselves or then sell the “foothold” on your network to the pros.


Ransomware has made it very profitable to be a hacker. In short Ransomware encrypts every document, spreadsheet, email, database, etc, that the computer can see, including Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. It then gives you a message that you are encrypted, and then gives you an address to send some specified Bitcoin amount, and they will then give you a key that will put it all back to normal (you hope).

Zero Risk for Hackers

Bitcoin is an untraceable cryptocurrency, so there is little or practically zero chance of tracing the hacker.

I think we are pretty covered from Ransomware

I’ve got a good backup so I can just go back to that

The new variants of Ransomware also copy the data that they encrypt to a cloud location. They then will make that data available to anyone on the dark web to browse and use, so just having a good backup does nothing to secure that data they have copied. If the data copied is covered under any regulations (HIPAA, 201 CMR 17, PCI, etc.), you are on the hook for paying for identity theft coverage for your clients.

I have up to date antivirus and a firewall.

Ransomware will sail right through a firewall and go undetected by most antivirus programs. Both the firewall and the antivirus program are looking for virus/malware data patterns and will try to clean them out of an infected file or program. Ransomware is a behavior and as such is undetected by these anti-malware technologies.

I am a very small company so I’m probably under the radar

With the easy entry into the Hacking Business, hackers are prospecting and lead generating just like you do. They know the small businesses can be easy pickings for Ransomware, even if the payoff is only 5-10 thousand dollars. Just a few of these can really supplement or replace an income. Imagine if you sent 5000 emails to prospects, and if just one prospect clicked on the link, you got paid $5000.

What Can Be Done

Is there anything we can do to fight it?

I was hoping you would ask that! In response to these events, the “security” people have not been idle.

We have upped our game so you can meet this threat head on.

Unfortunately, we can’t just load a program on your system that makes it all go away. As the hackers have evolved their tactics, so have we. Our offering is a combination of programs and human involvement that combined provides the best overall prevention system and quickest response to a threat or an event.

We have developed what is called a “security stack” which is a collection of programs and security services that will:

  • Minimize your ability to receive “loaded” emails and avoid known Ransomware sites.
  • Seek out, identify, and remove footholds that may already be in your systems waiting for future exploit, and alert us to their existence.
  • Monitor computer behavior for suspicious activity, stop the activity, and alert us for observation and intervention.

This approach has multiple benefits

  • Reduces your exposure to getting Ransomware and other hacks to an absolute minimum.
  • Reduces the risk of backups getting compromised.
  • Meets industry Compliance requirements for data security
  • Helps meet Cybersecurity Insurance requirements.
  • Enables secure remote workplace activity.
  • Managed Windows Updates ensure peak system performance and security.

We have carefully put our system together to make it as effective and affordable as possible for small and mid-sized businesses.

If you are concerned about your exposure and would like to explore your options further, please contact us and we would be happy to speak with you and see if this would be a good fit for your organization.


Brian MacFee
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