Systems Support Provides A Unique Cybersecurity Approach for Boston Area Businesses 

In a world where digital threats loom around every byte of data, Boston area businesses have a silent guardian in their corner: Systems Support. Spearheaded by owner William MacFee, Systems Support embodies a cybersecurity philosophy that's as revolutionary as the city's own history. Systems Support unveils how they are redefining cybersecurity through its unique approach, blending industry wisdom with forward-thinking strategies. 

A Cybersecurity Blueprint from Nuclear Standards 

William MacFee, the owner and mastermind behind Systems Support, brings an unconventional wisdom to cybersecurity, drawing from his background in nuclear engineering. The company leverages regulatory principles akin to those of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, specifically the concept of "reasonable assurance of adequate protection." This methodology isn't about constructing an impenetrable fortress of digital defense at exorbitant costs. Instead, it's about intelligently safeguarding the most crucial aspects of a business's digital presence. 

MacFee's approach is pragmatic – he believes in employing sensible measures that protect against the most likely threats without stifling operational efficiency. For Boston's businesses, this translates to a cybersecurity strategy that prioritizes critical areas, ensuring that their digital defenses can withstand attacks without disrupting day-to-day productivity. 

The Pareto Principle: Prioritizing Efficiency in Cyber Defense 

Systems Support has adopted the Pareto Principle as a guiding star for cybersecurity efforts. By focusing on the 20% of security measures that address 80% of the risks, they provide businesses with a strategy that is both efficient and effective. MacFee understands that it's about finding the right balance – securing against prevalent risks while planning for the less likely, yet potentially devastating, scenarios. 

This principle enables Boston companies to allocate their cybersecurity resources wisely, ensuring that they are investing in the most impactful areas of digital defense without unnecessary expenditure. 

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Staying Ahead: Adaptive Learning in Cybersecurity 

In an industry defined by rapid evolution, staying current with emerging threats is paramount. Systems Support taps into a wealth of knowledge sources to stay ahead of the curve. From industry advisories to community-driven platforms, Systems Support maintains a comprehensive perspective on the cybersecurity landscape. 

Systems Support practices the 'trust but verify' approach to information, ensuring that every piece of intelligence is scrutinized and contextualized within their robust cybersecurity framework. Their proactive stance was exemplified during the log4j vulnerability crisis, where they swiftly evaluated client risks and prioritized mitigation efforts based on potential business impact. 

Tailored Cybersecurity: The Systems Support Signature 

Systems Support rejects the notion of a uniform cybersecurity solution. Instead, they offer a foundational level of security as a starting point for all clients. From this baseline, services are meticulously tailored to match the unique needs, risk profiles, and regulatory requirements of each Boston business. 

Systems Support understands that regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA in the healthcare sector or specific mandates in the burgeoning cannabis industry, is not just about ticking boxes. It's about intelligently integrating compliance into operational workflows, ensuring that businesses meet legal standards while continuing to thrive. 

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Success Through Protection and Partnership 

At Systems Support, the metric of success is the level of protection achieved for their clients. Success isn't just about averting disasters; it's about building a resilient, responsive infrastructure that can adapt to new threats while maintaining operational integrity. 

The company prides itself on creating partnerships with Boston businesses, offering not just cybersecurity solutions but a collaborative approach to digital safety. MacFee’s vision is to embed Systems Support as a cornerstone of a business's ongoing strategy, not as a mere service provider but as a trusted ally in the ever-changing digital arena. 

The Human Factor: Educating for a Safer Tomorrow 

Systems Support places significant emphasis on the human element in cybersecurity. They recognize that the behaviors and habits of employees are pivotal in maintaining a secure digital environment. The firm advocates for continuous education and the cultivation of a healthy skepticism towards potential threats. By translating complex cybersecurity concepts into understandable terms, Systems Support empowers clients and their teams to become active participants in their digital defense. 

Systems Support, Boston's Cybersecurity Custodian 

As Boston continues to assert itself as a hub of innovation and enterprise, Systems Support stands at the ready to defend the city's digital frontier. Under William MacFee's leadership, the company is committed to delivering cybersecurity solutions that are as dynamic and robust as the businesses they protect. 

Systems Support’s approach goes beyond reactive measures; it's about proactive preparation, strategic planning, and fostering a cybersecurity-conscious community. For Boston businesses looking to navigate the digital future with confidence, Systems Support offers more than just security—they offer peace of mind. 

“Solving Technology Problems for our Fast Growing Company”

We were getting notifications that our website was compromised and from there our email was compromised. I was looking for somebody to own both ends of what I consider my technology needs: email reliability and security and the website. I went with their ReliaNet Complete solution and they cover both internal and external security. Setting up new employees is a breeze, I just send Systems Support the contact information and the systems my new employees need configured. They’re the go-to people for our technology needs. And taking a step back, I take the security for granted.

Scott Hokanson Scott Hokanson President
Brabo Benefits and Insurance
Plymouth, MA

“Compliance Needs Met with Outstanding Service”

Systems Support goes above and beyond any IT support we had previously and is highly recommended by our firm. The biggest benefit is we are now fully compliant with best practices and IT security and no longer have to worry about ‘what if’. Their immediate attention to any question or issue we have is outstanding, we get a response as soon as we ask!

Mari Williams Office Manager
Frederick C. Grosser and Associates
Plymouth, MA

“Keeping our company secure from ransomware criminals”

Systems Support is always on the ball. From addressing slow systems to keeping ransomware out, they let me focus on running my business instead of worrying about cybersecurity or losing any critical data. They respond quickly and use plain English when explaining any problems. They’re really looking out for us.

Justin Hoffman Vice President
Scituate Companies
Marshfield, MA