So you’re thinking about having someone just handle your IT needs for you but the price tag looks steep. The quotes you’ve gotten are a significant amount higher than what you think you pay now and it looks like too much of an expense. However, it is surprising where the true cost of IT lurks. That’s why we offer a Total Cost of Ownership Analysis to business owners to get their bearings and understand what they’re really paying for everything to run and what other cost impacts things like slow computers and downtime costs them. The analysis helps a business owner take a step back and look at the whole picture instead of line items in a profit and loss. Reach out to us today, and get the perspective you need to make better decisions about your IT infrastructure.

We’ll go over things like:

  • Hard costs like how much you pay for software, maintenance agreements, and other regular costs.
  • Soft costs, like how much an office full of employees doing nothing costs you per hour while you wait for a technician to show up.
  • Lurking costs, like what systems are in need of an upgrade soon and how different upgrade scenarios impact your budget.
  • Comparison to the general market and see how do the rates you’re paying stand compare to what others are paying.
  • Level of protection, to make sure you are truly getting what you pay for.
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