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Navigating The Unique IT Needs of The Boston Area Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry in Massachusetts is blooming, particularly in the greater Boston area, South Shore, and Plymouth regions. As the market expands and regulations evolve, cannabis businesses in these locales are seeking robust IT solutions to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and support rapid growth. This is where Systems Support, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) specializing in IT services tailored for the cannabis industry excels.

The Complex Landscape of Cannabis Compliance

Systems Support truly understands the intricacies of servicing the cannabis industry. Unlike traditional industries where regulations may result in after-the-fact penalties, the cannabis industry is unique — it operates under the watchful eye of active inspections. There's no historical template to follow, no decades of precedent to lean on. In this new territory, every step is scrutinized, every transaction accounted for, and every measure of compliance critically important.

Specialized Monthly Security Reports: A Systems Support Specialty

Systems Support provides monthly security checks and reports, a service that is more than just routine—it's a lifeline. These reports aren't just paperwork; they're proof of compliance. They must be accurate, accessible, and ready for review at a moment's notice. Failure to present these documents to regulators doesn't just imply negligence; it's a loud and clear admission of non-compliance. Which is why we deliver this comprehensive service, ensuring businesses are always prepared to demonstrate their compliance, making us a vital partner for cannabis operations in Boston.

Client-Centered Support: Systems Support Answers Boston’s Cannabis IT FAQs

Systems Support is adept at addressing the specific concerns of the cannabis industry, offering tailored solutions to common questions:

Extended Service Hours: We recognize the non-stop pace of Boston's cannabis industry by providing IT services beyond the usual business hours for uninterrupted support,  ensuring that your operations remain seamless and efficient. We’re here to keep your business running smoothly, around the clock, because we understand that outages and interruptions can cost more than just time – they cost you money.

Customized Equipment Recommendations: Leveraging their deep understanding of the cannabis retail environments, we advise cannabis businesses on the optimal technology choices for both operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Insight: Adherence to the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC)  regulations is non-negotiable. Systems Support excels at providing comprehensive security reports and executive summaries, equipping local cannabis businesses to meet the strict regulatory criteria.

Don’t Take Our Word For It: Hear From Our Cannabis Industry Clients

Peace of Mind

I can't express enough how grateful I am to have System Support as our IT partner. Since they took over our IT operations, the single biggest benefit to both me and my company has undoubtedly been the peace of mind it has brought us. Knowing that System Support is diligently monitoring our IT environment allows me to focus on the initiatives that will drive my business forward. This peace of mind is truly invaluable, and I can't thank them enough for it.

What sets System Support apart from other IT firms we've worked with in the past is their exceptional attention to detail and their outstanding communication. Unlike other IT Managed Service Providers, System Support not only delivers top-notch technical solutions but also ensures that every aspect of our IT infrastructure is meticulously handled. Their team's communication is second to none – they keep us informed every step of the way, ensuring we always have a clear understanding of what's happening with our IT systems.

To anyone on the fence about choosing System Support as their IT firm, I would say this: Work with System Support, and you won't be disappointed.

Charles Yon Chief of Staff
Native Sun Cannabis

"Their Expertise is Invaluable in the Cannabis Industry"

One of the many benefits of working with Systems Support is their ability to be onsite, working with us directly.  When they say local IT support, they mean it!  Anytime I have had to reach out they are very proactive in follow up to solve the issue.  With other IT service companies, WE would have to do the follow-up until we got a resolution.

They are also aware of and up to date on regulatory requirements within the MA Cannabis industry. This knowledge is invaluable!   I am willing to bet there are quite a few cannabis companies out there operating out of compliance because they are not considering what IT obligations MA cannabis companies have.  The report that Systems Support provides alleviates ANY concern if we are ever audited.

If you are on the fence about choosing an IT service provider, go with System Support!  They treat you like a human and not a task on a to-do list.

Luke Marut Product
Frozen 4 LLC

"Confidence in knowing your assets are digitally secure"

The biggest benefit we’ve experienced since utilizing the services of Systems Support has been the confidence in knowing our data and equipment are secure.  We know that if an issue should arise, there is a sound, responsive team in place to immediately tackle any issue.  The staff have always been timely, supportive, and willing to break things down into layman’s terms so we know what is occurring and why.

If you are on the fence looking for managed IT services for your business, look no further.  The confidence instilled in knowing your assets are digitally secure is worth it alone, but the personal care and relationship System Support works to create is what will keep you working with them.

Brian Cusick Co-founder
T. Bear, Inc.

A Community-Centric IT Approach in The Boston Area

Systems Support stands out in Boston’s competitive landscape with a commitment to community. Their IT services extend beyond technical support; they embody local involvement and a profound understanding of Massachusetts' cannabis regulations. With a 100% local help desk, Systems Support ensures that the assistance they provide is technically proficient and culturally resonant.

The Strategic Advantage of Systems Support in Boston's Cannabis Industry

For cannabis businesses in Boston, South Shore, Plymouth, and beyond, Systems Support offers a comprehensive suite of IT services designed to meet the unique challenges of this burgeoning industry. With expertise in compliance, vendor management, security challenges, and rapid onboarding, Systems Support is equipped to handle the complex IT demands of the cannabis industry, ensuring these businesses can grow and thrive in a competitive and regulatory-heavy market. Whether it's managing back-end software, navigating licensing intricacies, or providing swift tech support, Systems Support is the premier MSP for IT services specialized for cannabis businesses in Massachusetts.

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