“We trust them to give us results and keep our systems secure and reliable

t1SSC is always looking out for our best interests; we trust them to give us results and keep our systems secure and reliable. We have more ‘belts and suspenders’ for Data recovery. SSC is able to quickly and remotely fix any network or desktop issues we have while we are offsite in the field. We really feel we have a partner instead of a vendor with SSC; it’s a personal relationship.

Nick Biello Vice President

“Since signing up on their network maintenance plan, we haven’t had one single issue

t2Before hiring SSC, our network would go down frequently, run slow, and even run into the occasional virus. Since signing up on their network maintenance plan, we haven’t had one single issue. I’m VERY glad we hired these guys to support our network.

Tim MacLellan Morgan & Morgan P.C.

“Now everybody gets all their information immediately and in one place”

t3We use SSC’s hosted cloud email and private cloud access and phone solutions for our remote sites. Now everybody gets all their information immediately and in one place. It’s like everybody’s in the office without being in the office.

Robert Morel President
G&R Construction

“No one can touch their level of service or expertise

t4WOW! That is all I can say about SSC. It’s so nice to know that my entire network is handled so I can focus on business. I’ve worked with a number of other computer consultants in the past and no one can touch their level of service or expertise.

Erin Burton Kennedy Carpets

“An invaluable asset to keep our ten remote offices operational!”

t5The care and professionalism that Systems Support Corporation displays- from the courteous voicemail message, to going above and beyond to help the clients with creative and flexible solutions. When Brian was finishing up his PC setup in our instructor office, I mentioned I needed to purchase a refrigerator for our cafeteria, and Brian volunteered to use his van to transport it. He took the time to accompany me to Home Depot, purchase the appliance, load it into the van, and install it. He is an invaluable asset to keep our ten remote offices operational! Systems Support is a reliable IT Service provider we can trust who is also knowledgeable.

Fernando Jimenez Corporate Services Manager
National Safety Council

“Going above and beyond to get things resolved”

t6I want to thank you for the excellent service I receive from your organization. I appreciate that your team go to great lengths to help me when we are having technical issues at my sites. The willingness to help me walk through issues and get them resolved quickly is much appreciated. One specific incident involved appliances being stolen from one of our sites and your organization going above and beyond to get things resolved in order for us to conduct a training session. I appreciated the fact that it was a Saturday early morning and your organization being flexible in order to get the job done. I did not have to beg or plead for the assistance as your team provided a solution that included working on your day off after hours to get my business up and running. I feel that the biggest benefits that I have experienced since hiring you is your willingness to provide us accurate information based on our needs. Sometimes that information was not well received, but I appreciated the understanding and reasoning behind your organizations feedback and solutions to our problems. No matter what the situation or request, your organization was able to provide proper feedback based on criteria needed.

Tamira Grant National Safety Council

“Always answer the phone live”

t7Systems Support Corporation always answer the phone when we call and sends someone out right away if it can’t be resolved remotely. We like that you handle ALL our computer needs including the tablets. Also helped us in setting up our portal. Things get done no matter how big or small.

Terry McNair Office Manager Associates
South Shore Dermatology

“Keeping our systems secure and reliable”

t8Systems Support Corporation was able to fix our system that was infected with a bad virus, got us up and running, and solved it quickly, keeping our systems secure and reliable. The right there when you need them service from a business like SSC is invaluable!

Betty Brown Office Manager
Attorney Robert Barrett

“Timely response needed to keep our computers running”

t9SSC took over from other IT provider giving us the timely response needed to keep our computers running. Systems Support Corporation is the complete and total service provider always there when you need them most!

Doug Shepherd CC Shepherd Funeral Service

“I don’t have to worry about IT issues”

t10What I like best about Systems Support Services? I like the way Systems Support responds so quickly to my technical problems and gets them solved. We were having trouble getting one of our emails to work properly, Systems Support had it fixed almost immediately. The biggest benefit to DuVoisin Design since- hiring Systems Support is a sense of peace of mind that I will be treated fairly and I don’t have to worry about IT issues- my spelling on the other hand- well it’s something I’m working on.

Jean DuVoisin DuVoisin Design

“SSC is the complete package”

t11SSC is the complete package: prompt, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable. SSC recovered our business server when it went down in an emergency situation; having planned ahead and upgraded the systems, that crisis had minimal impact on our daily productivity. SSC keeps our systems secure and reliable, even when the power goes out!

SSC took the time to listen to our needs, presented a plan that would address them, and stayed with us all the way through successful execution.

Jon Shellington Allstate Glass

“Up and running with our applications quickly and without a hitch”

t12With Systems Support we get fast response time, knowledgeable staff, and peace of mind knowing that they can handle whatever we throw at them. Recently when the boss’s computer broke, we were able to get a new one installed, networked and up and running with our applications quickly and without a hitch! That is important in our business.

Susan MacDonald Office Manager
Carvin & Delaney LLP

“Put us on a plan to keep our network secure and trouble free”

t13SSC put an end to our computer and network problems, cleaned up our systems and software, and put us on a plan to keep our network secure and trouble free. Now we can focus on our business with faith in our systems.

David Denton Source One Solutions

“The biggest benefits of using SSC: movement to the cloud allowing improved operations”

t14Systems Support Corporation is very responsive and returns calls, same day and is ready to help no matter how big or small the problem. One of the biggest benefits of using SSC: movement to the cloud allowing improved operations with my Associates and better services for our clients.

Ken Cheo Our Sales Coach

“Hosted Outlook Exchange, the implementation saves me time in 'managing' emails, security and general email maintenance”

The best thing about Systems Support Corporation is the knowledgeable staff; easy to work with, and up to date on the latest technologies. When we moved to Hosted Outlook Exchange, the implementation went very smooth; this saves me time in “managing” emails, security and general email maintenance. Utilizing both Exchange in our office plus the Web access is extremely useful when we are offsite means we are never far from our data.

Jim Mellen President
Cafeteria Plan Advisors, Inc.

“Without my computer, my business is dead in the water, SSC gives me one less thing to worry about”

t15Once again Systems Support Corporation saved me and PR Works for a second time; doing it with grace and without agenda, Amazing! Within the afternoon I was back up, running and pestering clients again. Without my computer, my business is dead in the water. Everything our Public Relations and Advertising firm does throughout the day is online and real time. These days, a dead computer is far worse than a dead phone line. SSC is a terrific resource to turn to. Knowing that you can resurrect my technology gives me one less thing to worry about.

Steven V. Dubin President
PR Works Public Relations & Advertising

“A skilled, capable and effective partner”

Systems Support Corporation has, in our experience, been both professional and reliable in their dealings with the Providence Public School system. I would strongly recommend Systems Support Corporation to any individual or group seeking a skilled, capable and effective partner.

Dr. Anthony Terceira, retired Director of Education Technology
Providence School Department

“Solved a security and backup problem”

t16Systems Support Corporation solved a security and backup problem with minimal effort and expense using existing hardware and a modest expense for a wireless router to allow us to interrelate. Their expertise and personal attention gave us an instant solution quickly getting us back up and running without a lengthy delay.

Vincent Nardo Jr. CPA

“Looking out for our best interests”

We got other prices on our new server and weren’t happy with the Big Box service. No one pushes me to buy things. We purchased our server from SSC because I get informed about products and services rather than have them forced on me. I like having someone I’m comfortable with maintain our systems and am very happy with our new server and the follow up to make sure it was doing what we wanted it to do. SSC is always looking out for our best interests and we trust them to give us the results we need.

Bill Bates General Flooring

“We can’t say enough about the remarkable responsiveness”

t17We use the ReliaNet Partner services to maintain our corporate e-mail systems and we can’t say enough about the remarkable responsiveness of the crew at Systems Support. The team at Systems Support Corporation does a great job and always meets our needs, whether day or night. Their flexibility and ability to keep things running is great.

Richard J. Shea Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Atlantic Broadband

“We got long lasting solutions done right the first time”

Systems Support Corporation implemented a Cat5 wiring expansion and internal network setup of multiple client machines; we got long lasting solutions done right the first time plus cost savings as a result of the detail to the solutions provided.

Steve Rankin Refrigerated Food Express, Inc.

“How Systems Support Saved Insurance Gurus by Eliminating Computer Headaches”

Carey-Neville Insurance (CNI) in Plymouth MA is a broker with Partners Benefit Group (PBG), which is part of Comprehensive Benefits Administrator Company (CBA) in Norwell, MA.

Since 1988, CNI /PBG has offered smart solutions to fiscal challenges related to employee benefits and answered the tough questions about federal compliance.

Every year CNI/PBG helps employers and their employees understand the complicated world of benefits. With a mission that important, they cannot afford to spend their time fixing the same computer problems again and again.

“We were solving the same computer problems repeatedly. Our previous tech support vendor would send a new face to solve a recurrent problem. We had to find another solution.” says Peter Neville, Director of Marketing.

He reached out to Brian MacFee founder and president of Systems Support in Marshfield, MA.

“After speaking to Brian, we decided to upgrade server and desktops, and to create one operating platform. Systems Support walked us through a transition that included moving away from 20 years of relying on a customer management system and learning to work with more efficient equipment, software and security. We are happy with the investment we made in Brian MacFee and Systems Support.” Peter said.

“You folks are responsive” adds Noreen Carey-Neville. “You get back to us and it’s very important. That’s how we treat our customers: we help every employee of every company we serve.”

Now, CNI/PBG in Plymouth does not worry about any computer issues that come up. A simple phone call or email and help is on the way. After working with Systems Support for over 2 years, Carey-Neville Insurance / Partners Benefit Group focuses on what they do best: helping businesses navigate the tumultuous waters of health insurance, health savings, and compliance.

Partners Benefit Group


Brabo Benefits is a Plymouth, Massachusetts based firm providing exceptional service helping clients navigate the design, purchase, and implementation of employee benefit plans. They are hired to save their clients’ money on health insurance and meet State and Federal Affordable Care Act compliance. Handling sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers and health information, they cannot afford a data security breach nor having their email compromised.

“We were getting notifications that our website was compromised” says Scott Hokanson Sr., owner of Brabo Benefits. “from there our email was compromised. I was looking for somebody to own both ends of what I consider my technology needs: email reliability and security and the website.”

That’s why they reached out to Systems Support for assistance. Their current provider could handle the anti-virus but did not want to want to own the email.  Brabo Benefits was growing fast and they could not handle sensitive data and have their email look like spam.

To solve the problem, Systems Support offered a complete solution for local machine security, email encryption, and website monitoring. With a proactive approach to security, Systems Support implemented an active monitoring solution to cover all elements of security both internal and external.

After working with System Supports for just over a year, Scott doesn’t have to worry about adding new employees. “I just send Systems Support the contact information and the systems my new employees need configured. They’re the go-to people for our technology needs. And taking a step back, I take the security for granted.”

Brabo Benefits

Caton Connector is a Kingston, Massachusetts based firm that manufactures high voltage cable connectors. Caton Connector has worked on high profile defense programs such as the AEGIS and PATRIOT system. Beyond defense, Caton Connector designs and builds cables for biotechnology firms, energy utilities, and medical devices. With the demanding pace of a manufacturing firm, Caton Connector cannot miss a deadline due to computer problems.

“We needed someone to handle everything from A to Z, handling upgrades and everything I don’t have time to do” says Richard Hamaty, Operations Manager. “We were recommended to Brian MacFee, and that was the beginning. He came in, we sat down and chatted, and Dan (President of Caton) said go.”

“The biggest benefit has been the 24/7 monitoring. It helps reduce stress and it removes a lot of problems. We have a number of unique systems and it’s been an improvement as we don’t have computer failures anymore” Richard continues. “Systems Support has weeded out the day to day stuff.”

Caton Connector

“We Have Experienced No Down Time ”

Prior to having Brian and Will at System Support, we struggled every week to stay on line and operational through our computer and claim system. It's impossible to calculate the sheer value and their support allowed us to grow and continue with a high level of customer service.

System Support’s response time is extremely rapid and hands on. I could never imagine going back to how we dealt with our IT problems prior to working with System Support. Knowing what I know now, I would not hesitate to have them assess my IT needs and computer systems infrastructure.

They can save you time, aggravation, and LOSS of BUSINESS. Don’t wait have them in to review your computer system before you lose any business due to computer or system glitches.

Brian Lenane Manager of Operations
Petrocelli Public Insurance Adjusters
Norwell, MA

“Keeping our company secure from ransomware criminals”

Systems Support is always on the ball. From addressing slow systems to keeping ransomware out, they let me focus on running my business instead of worrying about cybersecurity or losing any critical data. They respond quickly and use plain English when explaining any problems. They’re really looking out for us.

Justin Hoffman Vice President
Scituate Companies
Marshfield, MA

“Compliance Needs Met with Outstanding Service”

Systems Support goes above and beyond any IT support we had previously and is highly recommended by our firm. The biggest benefit is we are now fully compliant with best practices and IT security and no longer have to worry about ‘what if’. Their immediate attention to any question or issue we have is outstanding, we get a response as soon as we ask!

Mari Williams Office Manager
Frederick C. Grosser and Associates
Plymouth, MA

“Outstanding service and Plain English Explanations”

ReliaNet Complete offers me the unbeatable combination of capability and value. In the past, I've always dealt with techie people who talk over my head. From the start, System Support was down to earth and showed the willingness to do a great job for their clients.

System Support is a professional company with a real commitment to provide superior technical expertise and outstanding customer service. This has not always been the case with other providers we’ve worked with over the years.

System Support allows us to focus on our member's needs. They regularly evaluate our systems to ensure our requirements are being met and, if not, work with us to implement a plan to improve our systems.

Tara McGrath Office Manager
Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association
Weymouth, MA

“Doing the Job Right the First Time”

I don’t have time to worry my computers not working, so I need an IT firm that responds quickly to service requests, suggests ways to improve and safeguard our system, and does it right the first time.

After hiring Systems Support, I have peace of mind knowing our information is protected and our systems are always up and running. We tried other companies in the past and none of them were as professional as SSC.

Jim Hickox Owner
Apple Cleaning
Weymouth, MA

“Proactive and Forward Thinking”

It was one of the best decisions that I made for my company.  The response time is incredible.  I am a retail business (open on the weekends) and we have either always reached someone immediately or there is a response within 5-10 minutes.  When I have an IT issue, normally it’s something that needs to be rectified immediately and Will and his team are amazing.

Michele Holbrook Owner
Casabella Interiors
Sandwich, MA