As we all know, the events of 2020 suddenly forced many businesses to send their staff home and work from there. Many businesses found that they could work effectively that way and are reconsidering their long term strategy for a remote workforce.

While this model provided new benefits and savings for real estate costs, productivity, and work/life balance, it upended the “Protected Perimeter” security model that many businesses had. Now they must be concerned with not only their business network, but also the security of the home computers AND the network they share with other members of their household. Cybercriminals have become aware of this and are taking advantage of the situation.

Systems Support Corp can implement a security model for you that addresses these new concerns and maintains a secure and reliable network no matter where the workforce is or even what devices they are using.

  • Zero trust network models – You can securely use your remote access in cafes or even the airport
  • Cloud backup solutions for portable devices ensures your data is reliable
  • Intelligent security software agents combined with instant human intervention can inhibit Ransomware and other cyber-attacks.

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