Resources to Ease the Transition to Work At
Home and Handling Social Distancing.

Helping others do what they do best is at the core of our business. In this chaotic time, we're completely behind our tag line: We're Looking Out For You".

To help fellow business owners on the South Shore whether you're clients or not, we've compiled some relevant information to help navigate it from a business perspective.

You'll find guides on working remotely, spotting scams, balancing the budget, and helping staff transition and lead during a crisis.

I'll continue to update the resources on this page as more information comes available,

Dedicated to your success,

Best Practices For Business Amid COVID-19

6 Best Practices to set the foundation for business in our new reality.

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5 Steps to Working Safely From Home

Working from home presents some unique productivity and security challenges. This guide provides tips to make the transition easier.

This guide should be provided to all staff that have transitioned to working from home.

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Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Hackers and Cyber Criminals are taking advantage of fears surrounding Coronavirus to try and profit from consumers’ fears, uncertainties and misinformation.

This guide provides ways to avoid becoming their next victim and should be provided to all staff as one bad click could be opening the door into your business to the bad guys.

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Remote Work Policy Template

What expectations do you have regarding your staff working remotely? What guidelines are you providing your team?

Download this template and edit as needed to fit your situation.

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Email Communication Templates

It’s important to provide communication to clients regarding your status and what you are doing considering the current situation. If you are open or closed, you need to keep your clients and staff informed.

Edit the templates to meet your specific needs.

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Keeping the Office and Staff Safe: Work Environment Protocols

If your team is working in the office or you have staff that need to go onsite to service clients, provide guidance on what you expect for minimizing the risks.

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Disaster Recovery Checklist

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst. Checklist to get your Disaster Recovery Planning started.

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Resources From Our Colleagues

It certainly takes a village to get through times like these, and we are so fortunate to know some of the brightest minds on the South Shore. We asked them for any information they thought would be helpful for navigating these uncertain times.

From Brabo Benefits, Scott Hokanson sent us a one page summary of how Brabo handles the COBRA process and makes it as easy as possible. Scott and the team at Brabo are rockstars and if you have any questions about employee benefits during the COVID chaos, give them a call at 508-830-3800.

Brabo Benefits COBRA Admin


From the other side of the Brabo house, Brabo Payroll, Kevin Hennessey is hosting webinars on the CARES Act and other topics on his LinkedIn page here: CLICK HERE. Kevin, Gabi, and the team at Brabo Payroll are incredible and if you have any questions about some of the payroll challenges you face, call them at 508-356-8266.

COVID-19 MA Unemployment


From Jim Farrell at PR First, the man who always knows just what to say, we asked about what message businesses should send to their clients and employees. Jim wrote an article for Cape and Plymouth Business online here: CLICK HERE. If you need help crafting a message, give PR First a call at 617-429-7990.

From Itamar Chalif at Rockland Trust, we asked about any SBA Loan information he might have. Itamar sent us a PDF from the US Chamber of Commerce on Emergency loans. Itamar is working hard helping businesses stay running through these uncertain times. For his contact information, please ask us or give Rockland Trust a call at 508-732-7078.

COVID-19 Emergency Loan


From Alyson Skok at Mass Bay Counseling, we asked for any resources to help keep us sane during these stressful times. Alyson gave us a huge link list for everything from Crisis support to meditation apps. Mass Bay Counseling is still up and running through the wonders of Tele-health and you can reach them at 781-834-0747 or visit their website at

COVID-19 MassBay Links